Learn Noorani Qaida (Per Month)

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It is a course defines to people who have known how to read Quran. This Course is about Memorization of Complete Quran with correct sequence.
- We will connect you with our expert and best Tutors.
"Our program is available to individuals of all ages, from children to old people, without any distinction".

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Noorani Qaida is the basic course for every new beginner student who wants to recite the Quran. In Arabic Qaida, you will be able to learn how to pronounce the Arabic Alphabets and sounds and how to join two letters together and make Arabic words.

Course starts with basics of Arabic language i.e. Alphabets till all over learning how to read Quran. Course starts with teaching Noorani Qaida which is used to learn the basics and can help in reading Quran.

  • We offer purely education courses which are online especially designed for kids,children,male,female of all ages
  • These online lectures have attracted everyone
  • Learn Quran via Skype with our skilled and experienced teacher online with Tajweed and proper recitation
  • Live one on one online Quran classes with male and female Quran Tutors
  • Book your online quran classes at your convenient time and days
  • All classes operated by Skype,Students are able to see Quran Tutors live screen in one-on-one session


You Will Require Things To Start Online Quran Learning Classes,
1. Personal Computer or Laptop
2. Internet Connection
3. Headphone & Microphone

Our Plans:

1. 3 DAYS PLAN - 3 days per Week - 30 min/day - 12 classes
2. 5 DAYS PLAN - 5 days per Week - 30 min/day - 20 classes
3. 6 DAYS PLAN - 6 days per Week - 30 min/day - 24 classes

Other Important Notes: 

  • Our courses usually take 3 to 6 months to enable a student to read Qur'an accurately, but it mostly depends on the student's interest and capability
  • Our One to One classes enable the tutors and students on where to start from
  • Tutors usually assess the current level of the student and recommend on where to start from, either from the very first level (beginners) or any other level (secondary or advance)
  • For further details, you can contact our team at 9884614222 / 9884614226

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