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it may provide relief from sciatica and muscular pain that you suffer due to many reasons.
- It is made with 100% natural ingredients, i.e., herbs. So, no threat of harmful side effects!
-The essential herbs in Masjoone-E-Suranjan may help in providing much needed joint pain relief


Bharat’s Majoon-E-Suranjan 300g is a combination of various medicinal herbs which may help in treating joint pain and arthritis.


You can have one spoon of Majoone-E-Suranjan once or twice regularly after food, or you can consult your physician.

Suranjan Shirin Safed (Colchicum luteum Sweet)

It contains bioactive compounds. Such as alkaloids which are useful for relieving painful diseases like arthritis and joint pain

Gule Surkh (Rosa damascena)

It is a rose flower that comes from the plant ‘Rosa damascena’. It is most beneficial as an Ayurveda medicine ingredient for various ailments

Kishniz Kohi (Coriandrum sativum)

It belongs to the plant of ‘Apiceae’ which has sound medicinal effects for healing chronic diseases, We find it useful for soothing joint pain due to its rich alkaloid compounds

Zanjabeel (Zingiber officinale)

It is an essential Unani medicine having antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to cure many diseases.

Buzidan (Tanacetum umbelliferum)

It includes various nutrients and is very useful for treating multiple diseases. It has a significant role in different Unani medicine, including Majoon-e-Suranjan

Mahi Zeeraj (Animarta Cocculus)

It contains a useful plant compound that is picrotoxin. Therefore, it is a beneficial ingredient in Majun-e-Suranjan as it balances the nervous system while treating arthritis

Sheetraj Hindi (Plumbago zeylanica)

It is a beneficial medicinal plant. It grows in India and has an antioxidant effect. As a result, this helps protect tissues from getting damaged and reduces inflammation

Bekhe Kabar (Capparis spinosa)

This plant has potential and valuable medicinal benefits. Furthermore, it is full of nutrients like vitamins and other bioactive compounds. So, it is an effective ingredient for joint pain and arthritis

Namak Hindi (Indian Salt)

The Indian salt is rich in anti-inflammatory values to reduce joint and arthritis pain. So, a big relief for those suffering from joint pain

Berge Hina (Lawsonia inermis)

It is very popularly in Indian traditional medicine. This plant is a source of phytochemicals, Plus, it contains anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic and anticancer properties that may help in various health issues


All herbal ingredients of Majoon-e-Suranjan have essential medicinal values for joint pain, muscular pain, Gout and sciatica pain, However, after using Majoon-e-Suranjan if the symptoms persist, then consult the physician. And don’t consider this remedy a total replacement for prescribed medicine.

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